Action-oriented Language Training
Internship & University Pathway Germany

Action-oriented Language Training,
Internship & University Pathway Germany


Instant Communication’s Approach

  • One stop solution to develop employees' language skills across organizations and countries
  • Business related courses in all modern languages with a personal tutor
  • Quality online training that fits easily into work schedule
  • Transparent reporting on attendance and learning progress
Instant Communication
Tutoring Marketplace
Standard Language School
Free Assessment
Reasonable 1-to-1 Lessons
Tailored Training
No Setup Fee
No Minimum Order Quantity
No Course Left-overs
Learn Worldwide
Flexible Learning
Short-term Booking
Effective, Short Sessions
Transparent Reporting
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Learn anywhere and anytime

  • Having a break, waiting at the airport, sitting in a hotel lounge … Just connect and start learning with Instant Communication.
  • Shanghai, New York or Frankfurt … You can join a lesson from anywhere in the world.
  • On workdays or weekends, 45 or 90 minutes … Our trainers are flexible to suit your needs.

Company related course management

  • Clear reporting on attendance and learning progress.
  • User-friendly booking system for easy administration.
  • Flexible solutions that meet the organization’s needs.

High quality, bespoke training

  • Our teachers are qualified native speakers trained to teach in a work-related environment.
  • Studying a language from the scratch? Brushing up on pronunciation? Whatever your need, we provide a personalized strategy.
  • Intensive training or a regular course? We are happy to offer our expertise so that you get the best most out of your lessons.

How clients profit from Instant Communication services

Expanding Markets

“If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen.” This quote by the former German Chancellor Willy Brandt is more relevant than ever. 75 percent of world growth will soon come from emerging markets. A good command of the English language is taken for granted in international business. In the near future, knowledge of Hindi or Mandarin will be a key factor when entering new markets.

Growing Sales

Successful sales performance is not just about facts and figures. Awareness of cultural backgrounds and an ability to talk in the client's mother tongue are vital to improving sales revenue. According to communications expert David Grossman of The Holmes Report, productivity losses that arise from communication barriers result in a cumulative cost of more than $26,000 per worker, per year.

Cutting Costs

All of us know how it feels to forget an appointment or send an urgent e-mail. Language-based miscommunication causes stress and pushes up costs. Training focusing on work-related communication keeps processes smooth and cost-efficient.

Instant Communication training increases work performance by 45%

Increasing Productivity

The Association for Talent Development discovered that employees who receive regular training outperform non-trained staff by 45%. In particular, enterprises with international and linguistically diverse employees are dependent on a high level of communication. Here, groundbreaking innovations and operational excellence are out of reach without excellent linguistic skills.

Creating Loyal Clients

If a professor holds a lecture in a foreign language the audience expects fluency. If a customer service representative is able to talk in the customer's mother tongue, the latter will be immensely impressed. With just a little effort and some conversational training, customer liaison can be quickly improved.

Hiring and Retaining Talented Employees

For committed candidates, personal growth is important when selecting a job and staying at it. As every HR manager knows, replacing staff amounts to 50-150% of the employee’s annual salary. That’s why the most successful companies of recent decades (e.g. Apple, Toyota, Vodafone) offer their workforce lifelong learning.